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Maximum Distances

Maximum Distances

Maximum horizontal distance for category compliance is

90m (295’)

regardless of media

Copper or Fiber


Maximum Distances

Work Area cords should not exceed 3 meters (10 ft.) in length.


Maximum Distances


10G Base T

“CHANNEL” is very Important.

Margins are significantly smaller than with Cat 6.

Alien Crosstalk is parameter of large significance.


Alien Crosstalk

Crosstalk between wire-pairs in adjacent cables

General Rules:
  • This crosstalk is worst between wire-pairs with the same twist rate.
  • The effect is greater if cables stay in parallel at the link ends.
  • Impact increases with the distance over which the cables run in parallel.
  • Worst case is short link run in it’s full length to a long one.
  • Impact increases with the frequency of the transmitted signals


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