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FTTH Solution

What is FTTH technology?

Fiber To The Home (FTTH) is a simple solution based on fiber optic cable and associated optical devices for delivery of multiple services like telephone, broadband internet and television to homes and businesses. The products are more flexible, easier to install and upgrade for faster deployment with higher quality and value.


  • FTTH has unlimited bandwidth capacity to deliver triple play services  (Data , Voice & Video)
  • Very low maintenance cost compared with other networks
  • Compared to P2P, PON could use fiber more efficiently and flexible in bandwidth allocation
  • Single Fiber Cable enters home which carries services from various providers

Where can be FTTH can be deployed?

  • Hospitality Segment
  • Large Residential Complex

Optical Fiber Drop Cable for FTTH Networks

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D-Link FTTH products:

Optical Fiber Drop Cable
Optical Fiber Drop Cable for FTTH Networks - D-link Cable offering comprise Fiber/Bend Insensitive/Low Water Peak Single-mode Fiber Cable for indoor applications. D-link Fiber optic cables comply to ITU-T G657–A.

Optical Fiber Drop Cable for FTTH Networks

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Optical Splitter
D-Link PLC optical splitters are fully passive optical branching devices that exhibit uniform signal splitting for the most advanced optical networks.Splitter are available in 1x32 & 1x16. Applications for PLC splitters are all FTTH network architectures (GPON, BPON, EPON).

Optic Distribution Box with 1 * 32 PLC Splitter

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Fiber Optic Outlet
D-Link fiber optic outlet has simple design and enough work space to arrange clearly for cable management, and engineered fiber routing protect bend radius through the unit to ensure signal integrity. The bend radius of the individual fibers does not fall below 15mm within the outlet, thereby minimizing signal transmission losses.

Fiber Optic Outlet

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Optic Distribution Box
D-Link optic distribution box is designed specifically for FTTH application, which is suitable for corridor, basement, room and building’s outer wall application. It also may draw out room fiber optic cables by direct or cross connections. It is with the function of mechanical splice, fusion splice, light splitting, wiring distributions.

Optic Distribution Box

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Drop Cable Pigtail
D-Link drop cable pigtails are made up by optical communication unit, strengthen pieces and the sheath composition, which is used in high speed and broadband telecommunication applications. Fiber used in these pigtails are bend insensitive and can be used for applications where multiple bends are present. These light weight pigtails are suitable for direct installation in Multi dwelling units and have excellent crush and impact resistance properties.

Drop Cable Pigtail Routing

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