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Fiber Optic Interconnection Units are the smaller basic cabinets and enclosures used in interconnecting, cross-connecting, or splicing applications in LANs at a premise location. The LIU (fiber optic interconnecting unit) is suitable for riser and building cables. The number of fibers determines which LIU is appropriate for the application. D-Link LIUs provide a cost effective solution to ease your installation task With their versatile and rugged design.

Rack Mount

The D-Link 1U Series Combination Shelves help you save time & money to manage your cable resources efficiently. By using these shelves to terminate and splice fibers, you can rearrange cabling quickly and keep track of your fiber resources. Efficient fiber management also helps save on maintenance and replacement costs.

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Wall Mount

The D-Link Wall Mount LIU is a modular enclosure that provides cross-connect and interconnect capabilities for splicing and terminating outdoor cables & FTTH drop cables in fiber access network.

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