Fiber Optic Interconnection Units are the smaller basic cabinets and enclosures used in interconnecting, cross-connecting, or splicing applications in LANs at a premise location.

Fixed LIU

Fixed Light Interface Unit - Rack Mount

Sliding LIU

Sliding Light interface Unit - Rack Mount

Sliding FMS

Sliding FMS Loaded 1U

Wall Mount LIU

Wall Mount LIU

The D-Link Wall Mount LIU is a modular enclosure that provides cross-connect and interconnect capabilities for splicing and terminating outdoor cables & FTTH drop cables in fiber access network. It integrates three main functions of fiber splicing, cable winding & storing, and interface management. The enclosure adopts good quality metal sheets & surface electrostatic spray technique, which is offering safety & good endurance performance. It is the ideal design for building & campus networking.




  • Suitable for interconnect in cables distribution or between cables and
    optical equipments
  • Space saving with its compact & small design of enclosure
  • Front door design is easy for operation & fibers expansion
  • Can manage both splices and terminations
  • Can include adapter panels for maximum 24 ports LC/SC and 12 ports
    ST/FC terminations
  • Rubber fiber slotted bracket built-in, metal splice shelf to protect the fibers
  • Snap-in locker design, easy to change adapter panels for flexible
    configuration & easy installation
  • Top & bottom cable entry is easy with rubber plug



Metal Shelf   Alum., 1.0mm Thickness  320x250x55mm (LxWxH)  Black or Beige
Splice Tray   Alum., 0.6mm Thickness  142x116x11mm (LxWxH)  12 fibers/Tray, 2 trays Max.
Adapter Panel   Alum., 1.5mm Thickness  175x37mm (WxH)  1 Panel, Black or Beige
Cable Plug   Rubber 28mm Diameter  For 4 Cable Entries
Cable Saddle     Plastic 28x24mm Inner Ring 2 pcs, with foam sticker




  LIU Wall Mount


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