Fiber Optic Pigtails

Optic Fiber Pigtails

Optic Fiber Pigtails

D-Link offers quality optical fiber pigtails which are single ended with connectors. D-Link pigtails come with good end-face geometry, full standard optical specifications, precise length & tolerances. The pre-polished pigtail assemblies give the quality , confidence & convenience to be installed & spliced in the field.




  • Adopts high precision ceramic ferrule with good concentricity
  • Advanced termination facilities & process ,deliver good geometrical characteristics of apex offset & radius of curvature & fiber height
  • 100% inspected for optical characteristics & fiber end face finish
  • Low insertion loss & return loss, clean and scratch-free end faces
  • Good performance endurance under changing circumstances



Connector Type SC / ST / FC / LC / MTRJ


Optical Fiber

Corning single-mode G652D,G657A,G657B
Corning multimode OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4
Cable Type PVC  &  LSZH on request
Cable Color, Length Yellow for simplex  & Orange for Multi-mode & Aqua for OM3
1m , 2m & 3m .Other lengths on request

Optical Specification

Insertion Loss  
Typical ≤0.2dB, Max. 0.3dB
MTRJ Max. 0.5dB
Return Loss >PC≥45dB, UPC≥50 dB, APC≥60dB


Mechanical Specification

Connector Ferrule Ceramic, (MTRJ: PS- Polyphenylene Sulphide )
Apex Offset <50um
Fiber Height ±100nm




  Optic Fiber Pigtail Datasheet


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