D-Link Certified Cabling Expert (DCCE)

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'D-Link Certified Cabling Expert' (DCCE) program has been established with the objective of imparting enhanced knowledge on structured cabling to the engineers & technicians. After DCCE, incumbents can plan, design and implement structured cabling for customer as per industry standards and can efficiently troubleshoot cabling systems.


Why D-Link Certified Cabling ‚ÄčExpert (DCCE) program?

The DCCE program is a perfect blend of theoretical study and practical installation on network cabling infrastructure. The "D-Link Certified Cabling Expert (DCCE)" program thorough information on both copper and fiber cable installation practices. DCCE certification shall qualify an individual to undertake cable installation projects with highest caliber while adhering to industry standards.

Who should attend?

The DCCE is designed for those wishing to demonstrate the highest levels of knowledge, skills and expertise in network cabling infrastructures. With a passive infrastructure designed by DCCE certified professional the risks are significantly reduced for an organizations and they can be confident that there passive infrastructure system meet today's dynamic industry demands.

DCCE program is must for individual working in cabling infrastructure environment like Network engineer, Technicians, IT Manager, Electrical Engineers, Data center technicians would be benefitted by DCCE.


Career Booster

A hand-on training program that equips individuals with complete knowledge on cabling system. DCCE certification program enhances technical skill set and most importantly aides' career growth in networking and infrastructure roles

Practical learning

Enhanced understanding of the technology behind all types of passive infrastructure and their applications, with complete coverage of topics like copper and fiber optic cabling

Experienced Instruction

DCCE is a comprehensive and effective training program conducted by industry expert. Our experienced trainers provide in-depth subject knowledge and ensure you understand what can otherwise be complex material


At the end of the program you are transformed thorough professionals with DCCE certification. The DCCE membership number assigned shall enable your identity as an expert in structure cabling system. Thereby gaining more trust from customer and giving him peace of mind for his designed infrastructure

No Pre-Requisite Required

Anyone working with passive infrastructures, and all technical abilities can join this course

Learning Support

Interactive & accessible trainer who offer practical, practiced advice, to support you throughout your training

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