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FO Outlet

FTTH FO Outlet

Fiber Optic Outlet is used in FTTH indoor application. It enables termination of fiber optic cables within residence and commercial buildings. The bend radius of the individual fibers does not fall below 15mm, thereby minimize the signal transmission losses.




  • Inner slack storage area ensures minimum bend radius
  • Inner tray for splice sleeve
  • Suitable for SC or LC connectors
  • Compact size: Takes less wall space



  • Size (L*W*H) (mm) : 86*86*20
  • Adapter Type : SC, Duplex LC
  • No. of Adapter : 2
  • Storage of Fibers : G.657 or G.652 fiber applied
  • Max. Cable Diameter (mm) : 3 – 6
  • No. of Cable Entry : 5(Up, down, left, right, rear)
  • Splice Method : Fusion Splice (40mm sleeve applied)
  • Color : White
  • Material : Impact Plastic



  FO Outlet

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