Fiber Optic Cables

D-Link's Fiber Solutions are perfect to get future ready. The Robust Fiber solutions are made to suit your need

UnArmoured OFC

UnArmoured Optic Fiber Cables

D-Link UnArmoured Optic Fiber Cables are protected by Glass-yarn in the loose tube except the Steel tape protection.

This cable offers excellent water proofing  and light weight , compact , small size for easy handling.

This cable offers excellent protection from moisture. Comply to latest industry standards  i.e IEC, ITU, ISO.




  • Suitable for Indoor / Outdoor (duct) arial , pipeline
  • Excellent Water Proofing performance
  • Light weight , small and compact size cable



Mechanical & environmental Characteristics

  •  Operating Temperature : -20 deg C   to +60 deg C
  • Storage Temperature : -40 deg C   to +60 deg C
  • Jacket Material : LSZH  / HDPE        


Outer Diameter

  • HDPE : 6.8 mm to 7.3mm  +/-   0.3mm
  • LSZH : 6.2mm to 6.7mm   +/-    0.2mm


Jacket Thickness

  • HDPE : 1.8 mm +/- 0.2mm
  • LSZH : 1.4 mm +/- 0.2mm


Pulling Tension

  • Short term : 1500 N
  • Long Term : 600N


Crush Load

  • Short term : 1000 N/100mm
  • Long Term : 300 N /100mm


Bend Radius

  • Short term : 20D
  • Long Term : 10D



  UnArmoured OFC

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