Multi Tube OFC

OS2 Double Sheath Multi Tube (Wet Dry)

D-Link Multitube Double Jacket Fiber Optic Cables are typically used for outside plant (OSP) applications. 

These cables are suitable for direct burial duct as well as for duct applications. This cable can be installed by using blowing or trenching techniques. 




  • Steel tape armor and PE jacket provide rodent protection 
  • Improved crush and impact protection 
  • Water blocking tape & Water blocking yarns over FRP 
  • Central Strength Member FRP  
  • Metallic armoring - Corrugated ECCS Steel Tape 
  • Tube material - PBT 
  • Flexible, light weight, easy to handle & install 



  • Operation temperature : -40℃ to +45℃ 
  • Storage temperature : -40℃ to +45℃ 
  • Outer Diameter (mm) : 13.3 0.5 mm 
  • Nominal Cable weight (kg/km) : 165 10% 
  • Pulling Tension : 2000 
  • Crush Load N/100 (mm) : 2200 
  • Bend Radius (mm) : 20D 
  • Quality : High 



  Multi Tube OFC

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